It starts with a simple conversation. Nothing more.

The insurance industry is full of “sales people” who want to sell you this insurance product or the next best investment opportunity. Some even want to convince you that you need to have this or that insurance in order to survive.

I believe that is the wrong approach.

You can survive without financial planning. But there is a big difference between surviving and living. With the right kind of financial plan – protecting your earnings, your retirement and your family – you are improving your quality of life. Not because you need to, because you want to.

When I meet someone, the most important job I have is to learn about them. It starts with a simple conversation. What is important to them? What are they afraid of? What are their goals? Does my point of view resonate with them?

Notice I say “conversation” and not “interview”? That is because with a conversation, I want this person to get to know me as well. What is my background? How do I work? Can they trust me?

If we decide to work together, I then start to gather important information in four key areas:

  1. Family – history, current situation, goals
  2. Financial – income, savings, goals
  3. Health – current state, any issues
  4. Planning – what has been done already, what needs to be done

With this information, we discuss options. What is working? What changes need to be made to meet goals? How are you affected or prepared for the top three risks in life?

  • Living too long.
  • Dying too young.
  • Getting sick or injured along the way.

I will review and compare existing financial planning and insurances and provide options to close the gaps in these key areas.

My goal is to build asset and personal protections while growing both the wealth and associated protections as a part of a long term wealth management and education process.

Education is a fundamental part of the process throughout. What applies today in a client’s life may not fit well in five years, so my goal is to continue to educate clients and provide them with better vision into the future so that they can make the most informed choices. The reality is, most of us will in fact have a different trajectory than we plan for, and that’s simply life.

Once the client has decided the best course of action, I make the implementation easy by preparing the documents, working with the many industry options to find that best product fit for each client and ensuring everything is completed correctly.

Many of my clients have shared with me that this is the part where their relationship with a prior advisor ended. And that is unfortunate. For me and my clients, this is just the beginning.

Our needs change over time as do our goals. Why wouldn’t your financial plan change too? We will meet regularly to monitor your goals and adjust overtime if necessary. For many clients this is annually. Some choose to meet more or less often as needs arise.


What will my clients get from my service?

Here is my commitment to you:

Whether we are working on one piece of the puzzle or the whole thing clients can expect me to pay attention to every detail, challenge misconceptions and respect their decisions.

Whether you are just starting out or have many years experience under your belt I will always bring refreshing ideas and support to help you get the most out of life by ``hoping for the best but planning for the worst".

I won’t try to fix what isn’t broken or completely get rid of work you have already done if it is working for you.

Based on experience, since most people only think about my industry when something bad happens to them or someone they know, I am proactive and thorough in my conversations to make sure all bases are discussed and covered where possible.​